February 4, 2023

Who is the Monkey's Uncle?!

We’re getting wacky and tacky on today’s show with classic novelty gems next to new tunes by Diners, Captain Festus McBoyle, Imagination Movers, The Pocket Joys and more. We also get a troubling on-air call from the program manager and a dinosaur runs rampant in the news segment. It’s a mix of macabre!


The Relative Minors - Third Time's a Charm
Sugar Chile Robinson - The Donkey Song
On-Air Call!
Imagination Movers - My Dog
Annette Funicello - The Monkey's Uncle
Nervous Norvus - Ape Call
The Aquabats! - Lotto Fever!
The Pocket Joys - We Can Stay
Commercial Break
Tony Burrello - There's a New Sound
Daddy Cool - Eagle Rock
Diners - Brain Song (new!)
Goober News!
Trevor Walls - Dino in My Pocket
Captain Festus McBoyle - Meat (The Vegetarian Song) (new!)
Gustafer Yellowgold - Toothloser
The Zombies - Tell Her No
Al Dexter - So Long, Pal