February 25, 2023

Apple of My Eye!

On this week’s show, we’re serving up new tunes, vintage comedy and a little in between. Also, someone phones in with their moustache, a love song involving oranges, a news report from Stan Freberg, plus I play some of the newest additions to my record collection. It’s too much wackiness to handle, I tell you! Too much!


FireCityFunk - Surrender to Me
Devo 2.0 - The Monkey's Uncle
On-Air Call!
Sparks - Looks, Looks, Looks
Dan Zanes & Friends - Colas
Half Past Two - Lyin' Eyes
Alfred E. Neuman - It's a Gas
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - The Last Unicorn (new!)
Louie Zong - Apple of My Eye (new!)
The Lemon Twigs - Any Time of Day (new!)
Caspar Babypants - When a Penguin Moves to California
Ella Fitzgerald - The Muffin Man
Stan Freberg - St. George & the Dragonet
Frank Sinatra - Tangerine
Shock Therapy - New Wave Party
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Sneakin' Downstairs
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Beat on the Brat
Walter Martin - All of Us
The Velvet Underground - I'm Sticking With You
The McGuire Sisters - Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight