May 27, 2023

Dial for Doltishness!

There’s wacky fun to be had today in the form of comedy by Monty Python and Tom Lehrer, a classic reading of a Frog and Toad story, a studio ghost hunt, and a chaotic on-air call about a listener’s pillows. Not to mention, music by The Aquabats, Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Micucci and more. Tune in for the tunes, stay for the lunacy!

May 20, 2023

Ha Ha, Hee Hee!

Gnomes, frogs and lollipops take part in today’s shenanigans - plus a news interview with King Kong, a cheese-themed boy band, an on-air caller looking for love, a cucumber salesman, a search for songs about bottle caps, and more new tunes than you can handle. Tune right in!